Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A few bright spots

So I pulled myself up, dusted myself off, and got distracted.

1. Lucy has been cracking me up. She got out the Mr. Potatohead yesterday, decked it out, and said, "I made Cary. Hi, Cary. You're a potato."

2. Cary and I were in hysterics over a fake political campaign where I run for State Senate and my slogan "I want to serve you so I can stop serving them" -- where them refers to my family.

3. I've been cranking out the submissions for the next print issue of Venus - in better bookstores everywhere on 12/1/08. I've more or less quintupled my contributions. V. exciting.

4. I'm lucky to have such lovely friends, and it's great to get to see them once in awhile.


kagemom69 said...

So then your political mailing will be pics of you & Mr Potatoehead & a couple of fries then - see? I can be your manager!!

Maura said...

That's a great slogan -- I'll vote for you!

Auntly H said...

I'll make the bumper stickers! I just bought the magnet/laminator cartridge for my Xyron (for a completely different project) and realized I could make non-sticky stickers...

Anonymous said...

wait. you get to see people. like in person?! this is such a strange concept...does no compute. why don't i get to see you?

roommate news:
he told me he doesn't use the dish soap, so he shouldn't have to replenish it now that it's gone.

he counted the number of trash bags he thinks he's responsible for using and said he'd pick up 5 of them to make up for those he contributed to using.

he said he only used paper towels to clean up cat shit when i've asked him too.

maybe you should run for office in boston so that i can have you back.

call me. x aliza