Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It could always be worse but it was certainly messy

The good: Henry finally finished reading the biography of Mozart aloud to me. Next up is James and the Giant Peach. I hope he keeps this up.

The bad: He was not home for even five minutes when he knocked an entire bottle of Dave's Insanity sauce onto the kitchen floor.

The ugly: I thought dumping baking soda on it would make it easier to clean because it would soak up the mess, but it just made it look like vomit -- vomit made up of habernero peppers and glass shards.


Anne said...

Well this will be of no help now, but I know the product that you needed for that task.

Nature's Miracle Pet Mess Easy Clean-Up


It's little absorbent bits that soak up all the ... business ... and make it easier to clean up. Hot-sauce clean-up might be an "off-label" use, but I bet it would work.

kagemom69 said...

I had an entire pantry collapse on the florr when I first moved in here - I feel you pain!! i had no idea where to even begin!!! Focus on the good stuff, the rest of it you wont even remember down the road....trust me

J Frank Parnell said...

James and the Giant Peach!

That book made me read too much for the rest of my life.