Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today sucked for the following reasons:

1. Henry completely lost it on the soccer field. And while I was not there to see it, both he and Cary came home from the game, early, and utterly deflated.

2. Sufi was traumatized by my two attempts to administer her pain pill via syringe. Now she isn't eating again. But I'm comforted that she is sitting in my lap, purring as I type this.

3. The weather was dark and wet. I'm not sure the sun even rose today.

4. According to the NYT David Foster Wallace committed suicide. Suicide is largely a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I still grieve for Spaulding Gray and his family. And I wish we lived in a country that fostered better support for depression.

5. I'm starting to freak out about the election. I can't live with the idea that a book burning Jesus freak might be making decisions that affect my children for the rest of their lives. Toronto has never looked so good.

6. And the TiVo impersonators are crapping out on us again.


Maura said...

Ugh, so sorry. We had soccer yesterday *and* today, and Gus is okay so far, but his coach is very sporty (and Gus is not!) so I am a bit nervous.

I too am getting more + more nervous about the election, and being very unsuccessful at keeping my head in the sand about it!

Kirsta said...

Dylan started soccer this fall and she's all about playing both halves and running with the pack, but she's far too polite to take the ball away from anyone. Even when it hits her feet. She's great with dribbling during drills and runs her little heart out, but when we tell her to go for the ball, we get a flat out "no." I'm hoping golf will fare better, as it starts next Monday.

At least you live in a state where your vote counts. It's a foregone conclusion that Utah's electoral votes will go with the Republican candidates. Sarah Palin makes the Mormons look downright liberal.