Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In which I bitch about the PTA

Why is it that the PTA at Henry's school seems to go out of their way to make me feel like I am inconveniencing them every time I volunteer to help? I volunteered to be the room parent last year because they asked me to, and I did not enjoy it. This year I wrote on the form to "call me if no one else volunteers" because last year that is what they told us to do. Sure enough, someone called me and asked me to be a room parent. I said sure. This was a couple of weeks ago. Then I got a call today, three hours before I was supposed to be at a meeting for room parents, saying that "people who had never done it had asked if they could be room parent, so they had to let them because that was their policy."

To which I say, "fine." But instead of saying, "we really appreciate your offer to help" she acted like she needed to comfort me that I hadn't been chosen and told me that I shouldn't fret because "I could still get into the classroom on party days." What? Is the classroom like a secret society that I need a key for? And why didn't they wait to call until they knew everyone had responded? Isn't that just common sense?

This is probably the fifth time I've dealt with the PTA and every single time has been unpleasant, insensitive, and rude. If I didn't feel guilt for not having a real job I would have a much easier time saying no. I think that's why I feel so crappy about this. That, and because in three years at Henry's school I have yet to make friends with even one other parent.


JSE said...

You gotta be nice to the people in the PTA -- they're a couple of promotions away from being your Vice President!

Jen14221 said...

Wait. What school is Henry at?

kagemom69 said...

I hear you there my friend, when we moved I felt like a failure because I had the same problem - I wasn't in their little "group". So much happier where I am now, especially now with all that is going on. But smile, I'm your friend at our other school - let's have coffee!!

Peggy said...

They clone those PTA people, y'know. There's one at every school. They are versed at the art of being very condescending. It's true, they have indoctrination sessions. Not really, but I do believe the clone part.

Maura said...

Ugh, that totally sucks. We got lucky and got Gus into a school that is progressive + crunchy, and I feel extra lucky to have made some good friends there. (though I still feel guilty not to be doing as much as some of the other parents do, but that is just me.)

But I feel like a TOTAL alien freak at soccer games this go-round. All of his teammates' parents are so very sporty and I am such a nerd...sigh.