Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First world problem if ever there was one...

We got a new computer today. I have been working on setting it up since 3 pm, however, I still can't post from it or use it for e-mail until I decide to give up the ghost of migrating Firefox and Thunderbird from XP to Vista. I think I figured out what to do with my iPod. A pox on technology.

On the bright side, I stopped thinking about Sarah Palin for more than five minutes.

Henry's first day of school was free of nosebleeds, forgotten backpacks, and homework! Can't ask for more than that. I hope everyone else's kids fared as well.


Aunt Bob said...

Glad to hear about school. Good luck with the computer.

Palin has left me:
a) wanting a HOCKEY MOM FOR OBAMA bumper sticker and
b) wondering if only Republican hockey moms wear lipstick and if so if that means democratic pitt bulls wear lipstick.

Thinks to ponder.

Em said...
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Maura said...

Congrats on the first day of school! We are sporting a new backpack *and* lunchbox this year, so we are certain to lose one any minute now. Tempting the fates, 2nd grade-style.