Friday, June 13, 2008

Florida, Florida, Florida

Tim Russert's coverage of politics was pretty much the only mainstream TV news source that I trusted. Ever since the 2000 election I paid extra attention to what he said, and he had a way of explaining the news that always left me feeling like even if I didn't like what I heard, at least I understood it better.

Tim Russert was also from Buffalo. Even though hometown pride around here tends more towards chest beating and overstatement, he always made me feel like someone from our area was really doing good in the outside world.

I am well aware that my sadness is false. I didn't know Tim Russert. I only felt like I knew him because I like the same sports teams and suspect I shared the same political views. I don't care. It is going to be hard to imagine election night coverage without him.

I think they should put his white board in the Smithsonian.

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Emsmom said...

Just because I know I'll forget otherwise....the white board is in the Smithsonian already. Nice that he knew that too.