Monday, June 09, 2008

Crap, crap, and more crap

Things I did today:

1. 3 loads of laundry (probably not getting folded tonight).
2. Watered the garden
3. Took the car to the shop
4. Vacuumed the entire house and cleaned one of the bathrooms.
5. Mailed out two new house cards and one get well card that have been sitting on my counter for two weeks. (BTW, send Jen14221 good wishes because she made it through surgery today.)
6. Visited the pediatrician because my kids both woke up sick after playing their hearts out at a birthday party. Henry has a sinus infection, but that's really no big deal because Lucy was sent home with a nebulizer. Yep, I spent the latter part of the day begging my daughter to sit still so she could inhale a cocktail of Albuterol and Pulmicort. She flailed through the entire first treatment, and almost kicked the doctor in the process, but by the last treatment she fell asleep. My poor baby is asleep in her bed in the t-shirt she wore today because she refused pajamas.

Things I did not do today:
1. Work on my review that's due tomorrow, thankyouverymuch.
2. Attend to the transplanting needs of my hair allium -- they need more sun.
3. Catch my breath ... until now

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5 of 9er said...

Thanks for giving me a list of what I get to look forward to. :)