Thursday, February 28, 2008

Of course he won't, no not until the next time...

1. I filled up the gas tank to the sounds of Lucy's screams because I wouldn't let her come out of the car and join me. It is 10 degrees outside! When I got back in the car she said, "I can taste my tears, Mama."

2. I brought in the mail and discovered that my mother-in-law had mailed my birthday card three days late and failed to put enough postage on it, so I got it today and my mail carrier requested that I put $0.17 in an envelope. Happy Birthday to me!

3. But the kicker is that I got a phone call from the Administrative Assistant (i.e. Vice Principal) at Henry's school this morning. He was in her office because apparently he refused to do work (AGAIN), this time it was a coloring book about hippos. She told me that he was pretending to cut his arm with the scissors, so the teacher needed to take the scissors from him and when she tried to do this he poked the teacher in the stomach with the scissors.

We have been working so hard with him at home to improve his behavior and he has been doing really well, but obviously we pushed him too hard. I haven't really talked to Henry yet, so I am not assuming that he meant to hurt the teacher, whom he adores, but I wish I understood why he had such a hard time doing the work they give him. Admittedly it is mind-numbing, but it isn't like he can't do it. I am at a total loss.

4. All of which makes the arrival of the newest VenusZine with another printed contribution by me feel pretty meaningless.

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