Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A mix of the wrong and right

but hopefully all is at least mildly amusing:

1. Yesterday I stood in our driveway just in time to see Henry's afternoon bus drive right by the house without stopping to let off any kids! It turned out that the (substitute) driver didn't know where to stop and actually yelled at the kids (a third-grader and two first-graders) for not telling her where to let them off. My neighbor had to call the school, who called the bus garage, who radioed the driver, who said "she realized she still had some extra kids and would be turning around."

2. Lucy had her two stuffed ponies inform me that there was going to be "a pony contest in Lucy's room." I sat on Lucy's bed while she threw each pony into the air. Then she announced they had both won a ribbon.

3. We seem to have accidentally cured Henry of his addiction to playing the Flash version of Nintendo games (on the internet) by purchasing a router and hooking our TiVo to the computer. Now he is fascinated with what he calls "this new TiVo." And he asks if he can listen to podcasts when he finishes his homework. He doesn't know that podcasts are available on the computer, so please, don't tell him.

4. Henry was eating a Popsicle for desert tonight. Lucy wanted one too, but Cary said basically dared her to eat a bite of sweet potato first. She did it! Then she got her Popsicle but soon gave up eating it because it was too cold. She asked me for a warmer Popsicle.

5. I'd like to be listening to music as I post, like maybe the new Los Campesinos, or the new Duke Spirit, but I can't get iTunes to open.


Auntly H said...

Did you suggest to Lucy that sweet potato is like a warm Popsicle?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

We tried to convince Lumpyhead to eat his dinner last night by promising ice cream if he ate his salmon. He decided if that was the cost, he didn't really need ice cream.

Maybe I should try popsicles.

JSE said...

"Pony Contest" -- yet another good family band name.