Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who knew violin could actually be enjoyable?

Last night Cary, my mom, and I headed to the venue formerly known as The Church, now, (somewhat comically to me) known as Babeville, to see Andrew Bird. Wow.

He played solo, creating the rhythm section himself by looping violin lines and whistling, then adding guitar and vocals to riff on the album version of his songs. He ran the sounds through two old Victrola-type speakers, one of which spun very fast on command. The effect made it sound like we were in a room full of stringed-instruments. After the second song, when Andrew was saying a brief hello and remarking on the unbelievable acoustics in, er Babeville, a guy yelled out, "This is already the best show I've ever been to." It will be tough to prove him wrong.

PS The picture was taken by a roving photographer at the show. The curious among you can find another of mom and me here.

Now playing: Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes


Auntly H said...

The name is silly on its own, but having just read Ani's retrospective poetry book and CD liner notes, it makes some sense. I sort of wish she named it something related to the moving forward instead of the long look back, though.

I wish I could have seen that show with you!

Anne said...

You and your mom look so FABULOUS! I want to meet your mom one of these days.

Emsmom said...

Ugh! What a horrible picture! I could feel myself blinking when the flash went, oh well. It was a great concert and I'm thrilled to have you and Cary to go with sometimes! You forgot to mention the first public performance of the new song "Tenuousness", very cool when that happens at a concert.A great night.