Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gotta get me a gun

A glue gun that is! (For the Tootsie Roll Pop Spiders I have been assigned to make for the Halloween Party) You may all laugh now.

Despite negative educational experiences by pals LHM, Mommy at Work, and Anne, I've been doused with some abededarian holy water.

I think I lucked out in the room parent department. My co-room parent is a former elementary school teacher whose home is stocked with supplies from her old classroom, and she showed up with a binder full of ideas. She was as easy-going as a woman toting a binder full of ideas could have been.

Henry's current classroom teacher is as enthusiastic as last year's teacher was curt and dismissive. She has sent home extra books on music and science to give Henry additional stimulation, one of which she seems to have purchased solely on his account.

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Lumpyheadsmom said...

You don't have a glue gun? Good lord woman, have ye no necessities of craftiness?

I mean, one doesn't need a binder of ideas, but 62 crayons and a half a roll of tape does not a Magic Box make.

We'll get you on a path to your inner Martha yet.

Anne said...

I have *two* glue guns and I don't even have any kids!

Girl, you're going to want to glue gun everything once you get started. Kind of like I imagine it would be if you got a Bedazzler ... although I'm not quite "there" yet. (When you all get spangly tote bags for Christmas one year you'll know.)

I'm jealous of Henry ... I always wished that my mom would be room mother, but she wasn't much of a joiner. Esther Beverly's mom did it about every other year. Lucky.

Aunt Bob said...

I do not own a glue gun, but I am fairly sure I know where to find one.

Auntly H said...

I'd offer to lend you my big-ass, cordless glue gun (with charging base), but I can't allow you to feed small children treats run through something that's got that much certainly toxic stuff on/in it. Guess you'll have to get your own. Watch your fingers!