Sunday, July 08, 2007

Two points about bad music

1. Let me be the last person on Earth to weigh in on Live Earth. Cary had the bright idea of recording it on TiVo. We sped through two different largish chunks of recordings of bad, bad performances in under two hours. Billy Corgan looks like he just escaped from a cult. I did enjoy seeing who had been exiled to play at the smaller stages, like Snoop Dog in Munich, and Lenny Kravitz in Rio. And Cary and I were both perplexed about the Police-John Mayer-Kanye West performance of "Message in the Bottle." It didn't quite translate from the planning committee's vision into another "We are the World Moment."

2. Another review up on Venuszine. Check it out here.


JSE said...

"Snoop Dogg in Munich" = best Spielberg movie conceivable.

How was the Antarctic scientist band?

Em said...

The Antarctic Scientist band was passable indie rock. I think they more than held their own.

I thought of you because a Genesis performance was sprinkled every 20 minutes or so. Just like a pee break.

Auntly H said...

I liked the scientists. Maybe because I like science. And, my dad went to Antarctica. Plus, I figure it was friggin' cold and they were able to play without freezing to their instruments. But, they can't have been too close to the pole; it was too light.