Saturday, July 07, 2007

At least it wasn't a dead cricket

I found a hunk of wood in my salad today. Actually it was more like a wood chip. I thought it was a crouton until I realized that I hadn't put croutons in the salad. Unfortunately this was the third lunchtime salad I had made from this particular bag of lettuce. But I think the worst part was that I felt obliged to throw out my lunch when I really wanted to keep eating. What harm could a wood chip do? It's not like the time we lived in Watertown and our next door neighbor found a dead cricket in her bag of salad. That made the nightly news.


JSE said...

I found a dead grasshopper in my salad at my favorite Thai place in New York. They didn't charge me for the salad but to tell the truth I thought they should have given me a new salad, made the whole meal free, or both. I still went there afterwards, though, which I guess shows that from an economic perspective they did the right thing.

I would totally have eaten the salad after taking out the wood chip,but I'm a rebel that way.

Anonymous said...

Did it look like treated wood? If it were treated wood I might worry that some of the chemicals had leached into the salad.

But I'm kind of a paranoid bitch, so keep that in mind.


Anonymous said...

Please please please please sue somebody! Or, please let me write a nasty letter on your behalf? You can probably get some valuable money-saving coupons!