Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why didn't I just pick him up from school? Nobody told me to.

  1. I was on time to get Henry off the bus. I was early actually. Lucy was napping and all was well.
  2. As my neighbor and I were walking home she started to ask me if I liked my Crocs. Henry was dismayed by the lack of attention, and proceeded to interrupt, and ask her if he could see her upstairs. She demurred, "Oh Henry, you don't want to see my upstairs." (As in, it is so messy no one should see it.)
  3. Then Henry took off to his friend Brennan's house, leaving me to chase after him, saying to my neighbor, "They're really ugly, but I love them." (About the Crocs). Brennan had already gone inside with his Grandma, who was watching him today because his parents are at his Great-Grandfather's funeral.
  4. When I reach the door Henry has already gone inside, dropped his coat, his back pack, his shoes, and had headed upstairs where he proceeded to lock himself inside Brennan's room. Brennan's sister, who is Lucy's age is asleep on the couch in the family room, so we had to be quiet.
  5. I get Henry to unlock the door by telling him that I will call his father at work if he doesn't come out. (I wonder how much longer that will work.) But he still doesn't want to leave and he is just about to start screaming at any second.
  6. Somehow I muffle his sobs, get his coat, shoes, and backpack on, mumble something to the Grandma about working on our "appropriate social interactions" and drag him back home. Maybe tomorrow I should just keep him home all together?

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