Monday, March 02, 2009

Brand New Dumb Things!

1. I was looking for a hooded sweatshirt in Lucy's closet this morning when I discovered a brand new pair of girl's Lands End snow boots in her current size that I had forgotten about. Lucy has been in need of a new pair of boots since mid-January and I didn't buy new ones because I thought we'd just make due. At least I didn't cave in and buy a second new pair this season.

2. When Lucy and I came home from pre-school today I helped her inside, and then got distracted sorting laundry and checking e-mail. Half an hour later the mailman rang the doorbell (bringing me my new Atlas of Bird Migration!) and said, "you know your car door is open, right?" I had forgotten to bring in the rest of our stuff from the car, including my purse! At least I didn't leave the car running -- hope the battery is not dead.

On an unrelated note, it dawned on me that Henry is now old enough that I no longer feel the need to enforce things like our "no cheesy t-shirt policy" and our absolute refusal to allow toy guns in the house. He got a combo gun/light saber thing for his birthday as well as a Pokemon t-shirt. He loves both so much. I hope we're not making a mistake by giving in. The next thing I know my kids will repeal the "no eating ice cream sold from trucks" rule and summer will be a series of ruined dinners and frantic searches for pocket change.


JSE said...

You guys are tough. In our house "no cheesy T-shirts" means "You can't actually go to school in a shirt you spilled cottage cheese all over" and even that is subject to situational modification.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

At least your purse - and car - were still there. In some neighborhoods that might not be true.

Danielle said...

Ugh. I made the mistake of introducing 2 girls I babysit to the ice cream truck...I thought for sure they had experienced it before. Well they hadn't. Needless to say I am their favorite babysitter and I have created an obsession that their parents aren't thrilled with.

kagemom69 said...

The ENTIRE last paragraph is my house thanks to the other domicile my children partake in...I feel your pain on that one....tell the kids that the ice cream from the truck is out dated and no good...problem solved