Monday, December 01, 2008

Home, will infect whatever you do

I went to see David Byrne with my mom last Friday night, and though I'm not exactly able to concentrate at the moment (two kids singing two different songs) this is the closest I will get to peace today, so I thought I'd better put down some thoughts about the show.

David Byrne's voice is still tremendous. He also has incredible stage presence -- he got a standing ovation just for coming out on stage.

He played Talking Heads songs. Never would I have expected to hear "Cross-eyed and painless" or "Life During Wartime" live. But he also played more well-known songs like "Burning Down the House," "Take Me to the River," and "Once in a lifetime." And never for a moment did the performance feel like a victory lap. Byrne was with us every step of the way.

I was too young to see the Talking Heads when they were together. But this show made up for anything I missed.

The new songs held their own. I particularly like "Home."

But it wasn't just a new song vs. old song kind of performance. It was a Performance. Everyone wore white. He had three back-up singers who danced and three back-up dancers who sang, and at one point danced and sang with electric guitars in their hands. The dancers almost stole the show. I don't think I've seen as joyful a performance outside of Lucy's pre-school.

I had the sensation while I was at the show that this was the sort of positive experience I'm always hoping for at shows, but rarely find. And I'd completely forgotten what a Talking Heads super fan I was -- I involuntarily knew the words to all the songs.

While I was there I kept thinking, "this can't get any better." And then it did. And it did. And it did.

Also, this is my 300th post. I can't of anything else I'd rather be writing about.


Auntly H said...

That is so cool! I should see if he's going to be in the midwest soon. I took my dad (and mom) to a D.B. concert in '90 for Dad's b-day. It was good, but wouldn't hold a candle to this show.

ambika said...

It sounds awesome. I saw him at Bumbershoot ages ago, before his hair had turned white. I didn't know the Talking Heads or his solo work well enough to appreciate it then.

Congrats on 300 posts!!!

Kirsta said...

Don't you just want to be one of his dancers? They came to our artist reception and were very gracious - talking to patrons and raving about Park City. How could anyone NOT have a fabulous time at the show with so much energy infused into every part of it! And, he's as lovely as you'd expect (which is not always the case ...)

Jen14221 said...

I just can't picture DB without a giant suit. Sorry.