Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's probably from the TV, but it's still funny

1. This morning at breakfast Henry was reading all of the bullet points from the box of Fruity Cheerios. After he read "25% less sugar than the leading fruity cereal," he explained to me, "the leading fruity cereal, that would be Fruit Loops."

He has never even eaten Fruit Loops.

2. Lucy and I were waiting in line at the grocery store. The woman behind us was visibly pregnant and purchasing chips, chocolate, and candy. Lucy turned to me and said in a stage whisper, "that lady is buying junk food."

I also doubt I have ever used the word "junk food" with Lucy.

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Anne said...

Ha ... I love it!

Your kids ROCK.

We had to cancel happy hour tonight because Lumpyhead's mom had to work late. Maybe next week. Meanwhile, I'm eating hummus (and Thin Mints ... junk food!) and watching Colbert reruns.

Aunt Bob said...

I learned in the Post this week that multi-grain cheerios have more sugar than regular cheerios. Who knew plain cheerios were better for you than multi-grain ones?

5 of 9er said...

Kids really do say the best things.