Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thank God it's a new day

Yesterday was a classic WWW day.

1. I woke up and could not check my e-mail. The computer proceeded to crash.

2. As I was fixing the computer Cary informed me that his car would not start. This was at the exact moment that Henry needed to be taken to the bus stop.

FF a bit. AAA came and it turned out that Cary only needed a new battery, which they do on the spot. My mom was graciously doing my grocery shopping for me while I waited for the service person to arrive (this was because groceries could only be purchased in the 9-11 am window, which was now spoken for).

3. Just as the battery guy was about to finish the school calls and tells me that Henry just threw up in the class room. He's had a bad cold and this was the first day that he had gone to school all week. This Friday starts a week of vacation.

Turns out that he got upset because the teacher told them they were writing autobiographies. He started to cry because he said he "didn't know what had happened when he was a baby, and he needed me." Then he choked on all of the post-nasal drip and threw up. He was fine the rest of the day.


Aunt Bob said...

Selective memory means that none of us really remembers what happened when our kids were very little babies. Maybe Henry can take comfort in that.

I'm preparing for a WWW of our own today. Patrick can't take any allergy medicine 'cause he has a first allergist appointment this afternoon. It may prove a frustrating day for him and his teacher (though he was remarkably sunny for someone with that stuffed up this am).

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Why was there a limited window for groceries?