Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back from vacation in one piece

This trip wasn't the best trip to FL that I've ever been on, but it wasn't the worst either -- Cary and I were there in 1998 during a particularly bad bout of wildfires that forced us to cut our trip short.

It's tough to characterize the trip because we stayed with my in-laws, in their beautiful ocean-front condo. All four of us shared one room. The kids did great. Henry and Lucy both had a fantastic time, and that definitely made some of the more challenging moments -- like trying to sleep on a slanty marshmallow-like mattress when the thermostat is set to 80 degrees (which was about 20 degrees warmer than the average high temp. most days we were there) -- much easier to take.

Still, I don't think I was cut out for travel. I am so glad to be home, where fresh vegetables are plentiful, and it just so happens to be warmer today than it was in FL the day we left!


Auntly H said...

You're all home safe and the kids had fun. Sounds like a pretty good vaca. Too bad it doesn't fit the blog theme. :)

Kirsta said...

Hi Emily - we were in St. Simons, GA April 9 - 15 - very nearly the same time as you were in Fla. Next year, you should skip Fla and join us on St. Simons for laid-back beach dwelling, sea kayaking, and spa days. We rented a great house two blocks from the beach, which somewhat made up for the oh-so-freezing temps! You would, however, have to put up with the Bleyle clan!

You still haven't responded re: coming to Utah in July to see Feist at our venue ... ;-) I'm sure you could write it off as R&D.

Greg said...

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Em said...

@ Greg (if that is your real name): Yes, this is a "great vacation travel blog." I travel so often to exotic places like my local green grocer and big box store.

I'll remember never to use the word vacation in my blog again.