Thursday, November 08, 2007

Too wrong to ignore

I don't normally comment on the goings on outside my insular world, but when Cary mentioned that Aquadots were recalled because swallowing even one dot could send a child into a coma because the coating breaks down into a date rape drug, I had to post something. Lucy has been begging me for these, and I have refused on the grounds that I didn't want to chase a million tiny plastic balls around the kitchen.

You can read CNN's take on the story, and just in case you have some in your household, here is the CPSC recall info. According to CPSC, 4.2 million units have already been sold. Yikes.

This Christmas I'm going to get my kids an unpainted hoop and stick.


J Frank Parnell said...

Crazy, no? Mattel has to be going out of bizness, soon, too. Viva la outsourcing of labor. Not surprising, actually. I can't wait for the lawsuits to make their way up the corporate ladder -- judges often find in favor of the plaintiff in lead poisoning cases. Mattel's done. Cassie wants a Backyardigans playset, and it's fisher price, so no way. I'll make her one with wood blocks and magic marker. As for Aquadots, thank goodness rational parents denied their children the chance to spread tiny balls around the house.

Although it does make me think about how many test answers I missed in high school because of even more lax toy restrictions. I'm sure my Bionic Man was made entirely of lead, or polyurethane.

Then again, the SAT was harder back in my day. And it counted.

If you haven't already, check out toys by Melissa & Doug, at least for your youngest ...

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I'm planning to take out the middle man and just get my kids a bottle of roofies for Christmas. And maybe a lead pipe to suck on, if the baby really behaves herself.

JSE said...

What the heck do you need this fancy "hoop" stuff for? Nothing wrong with a plain old stick.

Anne said...

Again, maybe this is a dumb question from the no-kids person ... but why would anybody buy a toy that is a hundred tiny little balls? Leaving aside the poison issue, isn't that just asking for a) choking, and b) a huge mess on the floor?

Do Aquadots do something fancy or fun when put into water? (I mean, other that get you high and slutty...)