Thursday, November 29, 2007

Marching Orders

Lucy has a new funny habit at bedtime. She has started ordering me to leave the house. As soon as I mention it's time to head upstairs she says, "I want you to water your plants and go to the store."

Never mind that my garden plants are all dormant for winter and could really use a good clean up more an a watering.

She's been doing this now for over two weeks. At first she would tell me what to buy: vegetables, ingredients for fruit salad (I blame the Wiggles), or a Pineapple. The day she asked for the pineapple she woke up the next morning demanding to see it. I had to tell her they were all out of pineapple at the store.

If I tell her I have to go finish up the dishes as I am turning out her light (which is usually true) she will scream, "No! Go the store! Water your plants!"

Now playing: Patrick Wolf - Secret Garden


Auntly H said...

So she's not trying to get you to do those things so you'll forget she's supposed to be going to bed? Funny!

Anne said...

That is so funny and sweet, but also pretty bizarre. Do you think she's somehow trying to delay bedtime by getting you to take her to the store with you?

Nariah said...

Well written article.