Friday, August 24, 2007

Advice to my favorite anonymous commenter

who is not really anonymous, she just doesn't have an account.

Yay, more wedding-related stuff from me, the person whose own wedding kinda just passed her by. (I heard the food was good).

Anyway, here is my plea to Anne, when she does decide to tie the knot someday. Please, don't do this.

If you're too lazy to click on the link, it's just a bunch of references to people using an iPod as the sole source of musical entertainment at their wedding. I cannot believe I am advocating spending any more money when weddings are out of control, but please, please if you can't afford a band, at least shell out for a DJ, and preferably one that won't introduce you as "Mr. and Mrs. Blahbityblah" and have you both run through the entranceway while your guests applaud.

PS: I promise this will be my final wedding-related post. It'll be back to the standards for me: migraines, music, and my crazy kids.


JSE said...

I can't go here with you. If you want to pay for a band instead of playing records, that's one thing -- those two are really different. But a DJ playing an iPod vs. your predefined playlist playing an iPod? Not different enough to justify the expense. At most, find a musically trustworthy relative who wishes to avoid too much contact with the other relatives (the 19-25 age group is a good bet here) and assign them to play CDs.

Em said...

No, not a DJ playing an iPod. No iPods at weddings! A DJ playing records like it was in the old days.

I actually think DJs belong at clubs and bands belong at weddings, but realize that I can't expect everyone to share my feelings here. My wedding dress cost less than our cake.

JSE said...

Well, "DJ playing an iPod" was meant to include "DJ playing CDs." Do you really demand vinyl?

At least we agree that attention must be paid to the cake.

Em said...

This is endlessly amusing to me.

I don't demand vinyl per se. I just think a trend toward having the music at weddings automated and the sound systems downgraded is unfortunate. I see nothing wrong with a relative taking care of the music if the relative has (or rents) a kick ass sound system. Or if wedding venues start providing pro-style setups that folks can just plug into then maybe I will change my tune. Though I don't plan on going to many weddings in the near future to check this stuff out.

All I'm saying is don't skimp on the tunes.