Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Libations: Tales of the Untrained

  1. A Starbucks with a drive thru just opened around the corner from me. While Buffalo is not new to Starbucks, it is new to the phenomenon of having one on every corner (or in our case in every strip mall). While this could easily be the subject of a post in itself, it is not. I have a love hate relationship with Starbucks, and I am addicted to coffee. No, this is just about my own drive thru experience today. I had my very own travel mug (thanks, Allie) and I thought, "I am leaving the house today, that counts as traveling, right?"
    1. I waited behind one car for seven minutes. I think they had to redo a drink.
    2. I watched through the window the guy fill my travel mug, then spilled the coffee all over himself and the outside of the mug. Appetizing.
    3. At the same time another "Barista" was having trouble steaming milk and steam was spewing out all over her and the woman trying to train her.
    4. When they guy handed me my cup it was barely sealed and there was coffee running down the outside of the mug. I asked him for some napkins and didn't tip him. At least not today. The whole thing was more funny than annoying, but if they don't catch on quick I think the coffee consuming public at large is going to be pretty impatient.
  2. I also had a trainee at the grocery store and she forgot to charge me for a 12 pack of beer. So yes, I do believe in karma.


Robin said...

You're supposed to tip at Starbucks?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Free beer? Woo fricken hoo! I'll be right over. . .

Wait. D'oh!