Thursday, October 12, 2006

The date: October 12

The weather in Buffalo: currently snowing! Need I say more?

Lots of other things have gone wrong recently but I have been too busy basking in the afterglow of the Jenny Lewis concert to care.

This won't be turning into a music blog because there are certainly plenty of those, but maybe I have found the magic formula: attending x number of excellent concerts builds stamina to withstand y number of irksome life incidents. Hooray! With Fiery Furnaces and The Hold Steady on tap who knows, I may not be posting much the rest of 2006...

I think this qualifies as what went wrong: When I wrote about the snow there were just a few flurries, like haha, it's snowing in Buffalo before Halloween. But now the stuff is sticking to the ground. My poor garden! The photo doesn't do it justice, but the gaura (front, center) is completely snow covered while still in bloom. My Clematis (previously thought to be dead) is blooming so beautifully, but not for long! My plants aren't silvery, they are covered in snow, and now they are going to be gone until next spring.


Mom at Work said...

Snowing??? I still have tomatoes in my yard.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Holy cow, snow!

It's pretty from here.

Anonymous said...

Snowed in Madison too. And Frank Black is coming here, beat that! (Jordan)

Auntly H said...

It's been snowing here since Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?). Just little dustings sticking to cold concrete, but serious flakes in the air (on and off). I'm waiting to see if we'll repeat the Halloween '90 storm - 3 feet of the white stuff. Our rosemary was moved inside awhile ago, but the rest of the herbs gave up this week. Brown basil is amazingly unappealing.

I'm happy to hear about your antidote discovery; you might just have to lower the threshold of "wrong"!