Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where ya been?

I can't really say why I've been absent for more than two months.

I was really sick for most of October with what I can only assume was H1N1. I still haven't gone back to the gym.

I've got a newish gig writing a concert calendar for Donnybrook that gets picked up by the Huffington Post. You can see the archive here.

But mostly since the kids are in school I don't run up to the computer to escape from my children as often. When they are home Lucy really seems to need me in the afternoon, and in the evening I'm truly exhausted and don't feel like reliving any part of my day.

And then there's the sad truth, that once Lumpyhead's mom joined facebook, I really had no one left to blog for.

I am not any closer to making a decision about what to be when I grow up. If anything, it feels like a pipe dream as I have about one extra hour free during the day while the kids are in school, and the after school hours are filled with home work and the occasional trip to the library.

This entire fall has passed and I've felt disconnected and disoriented, not unlike David Byrne in the Talking Heads' classic "Once in a Lifetime." Same as it ever was. Here comes the twister.


Auntly H said...

I know there's Facebook, but I still like reading the prose of your blog. I really can't say anything, though, my posting is way down lately. I'm hoping to pick up the pace soon.

Maura said...

Me too! Also I can't ever seem to find the time for Facebook lately. I say come back to blogging!

Sorry to hear you've been sick, that's awful. I'm on day 8 of a horrid cold, probably my own fault it's taking so long to go away because I had a busy week at work. And now Gus has a fever, which is a drag because we haven't had a chance to get him the H1N1 or seasonal flu vaccines yet. Go us!

JSE said...

Blogging rules, Facebook is for fools! Keep it up here, Em.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I prefer to read you here.

kagemom69 said...

I'm with them... as pathetic as you THINK your life is....mine is infinitely worse. And I'm broke. So throw a sistah a bone and blog already!!!! I check here daily as part of my "routine" to see if there is something don't disappoint!!! Besides, the holidays are here - there has to be TONS of fodder to blog about!!!

Megan said...

I'm missed your blog, Emily. Welcome back.