Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Catch a tiger by the toe

Henry and Lucy started camp today, which means I might have a precious few hours to myself this summer! I don't think I've seen Lucy in such a happy mood since school ended.

She's also very excited about our new composter (It's not pretty, but if it cuts down on my garbage I'll be pleased). If she keeps her enthusiasm up it will certainly help me stay excited.

Plus she surprised me by reciting an adorably mangled version of "Eenee Meenee Miney Mo" tonight.

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Maura said...

Yay, camp! Gus is having fun at camp, too.

I am so jealous of your shiny new composter. I gave up on composting this year because it was not as much of a shared effort as it could be (we have a fussy urban composting system which needs more tending than other composters). But I am still a huge fan of composting. You go!

Em said...

I noticed when we were adding stuff to the composter tonight that it's actually been doused in bird poop a couple of times -- so much for shiny and new -- at least it doesn't smell (yet).