Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Illness, be gone. You are not welcome here.

1. Henry is still sick. At bedtime last night I was so sure he would go to school today until he woke up with a fever, again. Now he's on amoxicillin for a sinus infection.

2. I forgot that Lucy had Spanish this morning, so she missed the last class. And the pinata.

3. I made three separate stops to repair, and deliver Cary's eyeglasses.

4. I spilled coffee grounds all over the floor.

5. I had a migraine.

But there have been a few bright spots.

1. The bird feeder has been loaded with Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. I saw an Eastern Bluebird today too.

2. My review of the latest St. Vincent record is up at Donnybrook. See also my review of the Pink Mountaintops, also at Donnybrook.

3. Plus Henry decided on his own to take a two hour nap this afternoon, so at least I was spared from having to listen to my kids bicker during that time. And, as a bonus, he seems to be feeling better. I really hope he can go to school on Friday.


kagemom69 said...

Oh sweetie - you have been having a week!!! You, me - coffee? Or Beers?

Baroque Pop Radio said...

I too have been living the dream!
(4th grade teacher, dad, and internet radio programmer)