Thursday, January 29, 2009

The more they know, the less they show.

1. Lucy will now change into her pajamas without assistance, but only if I leave the room and agree with her that the change happened "by magic."

2. Henry was desperate for the neighbor to come over to play, and then when the boy got here all he wanted to do was play his DS.

3. Both kids thoroughly enjoyed our house guest - my former roommate. Henry followed her lead and slept with an eye mask, while Lucy just followed her around the house.

4. Lucy got a kiddie yoga DVD from Santa and yesterday and today we did some of it together. I was sweating by the end. She is very fond of the friendship flower pose because she gets to hold my hand.


Kirsta said...

Hey - what's the DVD title? Dylan loves to exercise - it's something they do everyday in school, even if it's "free" dancing (which she proudly demonstrated in the restaurant last night to a Gwen Stefani dance mix).

Her little legs get so tired during the twice-a-week ski lessons, though we've thrown Tuesday night skating into the mix, which seems to have strengthened her up a bit.

Em said...

It's Gaiam kids yoga

It's a two DVD set that Santa found at Amazon.

Kirsta said...

Perfect, thanks! I have the cotton candy pink Gaiam mat and am looking for a smaller one for her. I'm going to go online right now (not that I'm ever OFFline while at work ... ;-)).

Tanya said...

We have that yoga DVD set! Caleb was doing the "alligator" pose in the bathtub this evening--it made a satisfying splash. He also was trying to do the tree pose in the tub until I put a stop to it. The video is quite challenging--I just skip some of the poses.