Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi, My name is Emily

and I'm an Etsy addict.

It started innocently enough with a Venus staff fave proclaiming the wonders of busterandboo.
Then I discovered scrabble pendants and placed another order from the delightful HomeStudio-- this time with gold accents so they looked nicer with my Indian jewelry.

Then I got glasses and my hair started driving me nuts, so I turned to the site's headband makers for help. Precocious came to the rescue!

I've been wearing these headbands everyday and I love them.

And I finally gave into my desire to own something designed by Emily Martin of The Black Apple.
Maybe the closest thing I will ever have to a self-portrait. But I bet Emily hears that all the time.

And then I bought these paper dolls because OMG, Stella has a Smiths t-shirt and a cat hat. want to frame them for Lucy's room.

It's so easy to scoop up all these things that I would love to be able to find locally, and Cary isn't really satisfied with my justifications: "it's handmade! I'm supporting small business women!"


woolies said...

Somebody needs to start an Etsy Anonymous 12 step program! It's a dangerous addiction!
Thanks so much for mentioning my Buster and boo pendants!! So glad you love them!!!

Maura said...

Oooh, those pendants are amazing, and the paper dolls, too! I have to admit that I try to stay off Etsy because I know the addiction potential is too great. But recently when I've bemoaned the time it will take to make myself an iphone cozy I've been sorely tempted...

Danielle said...

As an attempt to stray away from doing work my first week back...I checked out Etsy. Ohh boy. I see trouble in my future with my relationship to this site.

Auntly H said...

Love them all!!!!

Anonymous said...

remember when i unpacked my boxes and there was the emily plate? it was kind of a self portrait...of sorts.

Jen14221 said...

I lurve those Scrabble pendants.