Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yesterday was a suckfest

1. I hate my gym. It's official. They badgered me until I renewed, and then when there was a problem with my last payment no one told me (because we canceled the credit card, and I forgot we were on autopay). When I figured it out after a series of phone calls they said I had to pay the $27 in person. When I did that they tried to charge me a late fee and a fee for paying at the desk (which I had to do). I am less pissed about the fees than I am about how hard it was to find out what was going on, fix it, and then fix it again when they screwed up. If they had told me about the billing issue I would have paid them that day.

2. I went to Target to get a new battery for Cary's watch. They will no longer open watch backs, so they couldn't change the battery. They could sell me a battery, but without the back being open I had no idea which one to buy.

3. Then I went to Wegmans where my half gallon of milk leaked all over the sushi I was buying for lunch (to try and cheer up) and my beer.

4. When I went to pick up Henry from camp he was upset. By the time I got the reason out of him he was in tears because the camp teacher won't let him pick up rocks when they go on walks anymore. I do consider it some type of positive sign that he a) didn't do anything wrong really and b) was able to tell me about it. Still, I hate seeing him cry.

5. I was going to try and get dinner ready and listen to my iPod. I couldn't find the iPod anywhere. I also couldn't find one of my super cute shopping bags. Then I realized that I couldn't find Cary's watch. Half an hour later I'd found the iPod (in a cabinet where I put it to keep Lucy from taking it) and the shopping bag (under my purse). But no watch. I still haven't found the freakin' watch. Cary loves this watch, and has had it since grad school. I'm really angry at myself for losing it and that pretty much did me in for the rest of the day.


kagemom69 said...

I am with you on this one sistah...(I think I may have inadvertently run past you in Target yesterday - my bad!!!) my whole week is going this way, but I would capitalize the SUCKFEST to define my week - the only good thing this week was a)I got flowers(from Greg & Kate) b)I let my flab hang @ Brookfield's pool w/a friend

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Well, the watch needed a new battery, so it's not that big of a deal to lose a watch that doesn't work, right? Maybe? (Feeble attempt to make you feel better. Is working? A little? No? Then go get a beer.)