Saturday, September 23, 2006

What Went Right... Again?

Oh, Brave New World... Another post that features cheers not jeers!
  1. My Other Blog is a Cadillac. My pal Jen14221 started a blog called I bought it on eBay, and I had no choice but to participate. And lo, it got a shout out from Amalah, an actual real blogger that people read not just because they are related to or friends with her.
  2. I am just about finished with my review of the new The Hold Steady CD for Amp Camp. It is the first time I've gotten my grubby little paws on a CD with a groundswell of anticipation preceeding its arrival, and it is infinitely more fun than reviewing something I suspect no one but me is ever going to listen to. Hooray!
  3. Speaking of Amp Camp, Danny, the original Amp Camper, has a new venture that may eventually lead him to post about What Went Wrong, but I hope not. He and his girlfriend Nina have turned their lives into living performance art. They have started a blog where you can vote to send them to live in one of 250 towns or cities in the US for one year. They promise to write and tell us all about it. Last time I checked, towns in Arkansas and Alabama were the early vote getters, so go to and vote to send them somewhere, anywhere else!


Anonymous said...

Jeez, I voted for Danny and Nina to move to Cambridge MA and was only the 4th person to do so -- I moved it into a tie with Overland Park, KS for the love of God! (Jordan)

Auntly H said...

I clicked on The Hold Steady link. Right there on the home page: IDS and Foshay Tower. I can almost see them both from the office windows - if I push my coworkers' desks out of the way and crane my neck just right. What do I need to know about this band who likes (is from?) my city?
I still can't get over the fact that Henry had to do homework in kindergarten! Or that he actually did it! Craziness!

Danny&Nina said...

Em, my ears are burning! Thanks for letting people know about the site and I hope it doesn't weird you out that I found your blog. You can find mine if you want to even things out; I think you'll enjoy it anyway.

The good/better news is that Jacksonville, FL has taken the lead in the voting. It's the 13th biggest city in the U.S., so I figure there have got to be some things going on there, right?

Please continue being awesome and raising wonderful little people!